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Ceylon Tea Auction

The Colombo Tea Auction which celebrated its 130th Anniversary in 2013 is known as the oldest and largest tea auction in the world. It has been recorded that the first public sale of tea in Ceylon was held at the office of M/s Sommerville & Co in 1883. Today the Colombo Tea Auction organized by the Tea Traders Association, is the primary center for trading authentic Pure Ceylon tea, sometimes accounting to millions of kilograms at a time. The Colombo Auction were intense trading takes place by way of public auction and held weekly, is a ‘must be place’ for all registered tea traders and tea brokering firms.

This is where some of the best Ceylon teas are traded in keeping with the laws formulated by the Sri Lanka Tea board. The teas produced from regional plantation companies fetch high average prices and sometimes record premium prices during the peak picking seasons. The Colombo Tea Auction is where buyer meets seller, and where thousands of Rupees worth of Ceylon tea exchange hands; resulting in the world tasting some of the finest teas on earth.

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